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How would you react if your 7yo boy wanted to wear a dress and get his ears pierced for his 8th birthday?

What do you say when your 14yo daughter tells you that the body they were born into doesn’t feel like the body they’re supposed to have?


You consider yourself liberal and a feminist. You’re outraged by the increasing number of state legislatures passing bans on gender-affirming care. And here you are with your own child expressing their gender outside binary norms. You feel scared, confused, and overwhelmed.

You want to support them. You fear the misunderstanding, the judgment, and the cruelty of others that they may encounter. And you wonder, how could they possibly know who they are at this age?

Rachel Hulstein-Lowe provides gender-affirming care

You joined a PFLAG Facebook group and found some common ground but you don’t feel comfortable expressing your truest worries because you fear you’ll be the outlier. You can’t tell your mom because she watches Fox News and you can’t trust that she’ll be supportive. Your besties are there for you but they don’t know what to say. After all, their kids are dating the opposite sex and making TikToks.


Sound familiar? I have asked myself some of these same questions. Raising a nonbinary child, I also wrestle with my own internalized ideas of femininity and masculinity. I too wonder if I’m doing it right. 


Find the right provider for yourself and/or your kid. Uncover the intentional, grounded parent that lies underneath your fears. Find validation and support that empowers you to empower your child.


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