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Parent Coaching

You are not alone.

Your 10yo is throwing herself on the floor in tears when she can’t find her favorite sweatshirt.

Your 6yo says things like “Nobody in this family likes me. I’m a bad person.”

You and your coparent respond very differently to challenging moments with your kids, leaving you both feeling alone and under-appreciated.


Nobody told you it would be this hard and everybody around you seems to be doing just fine. You feel like the worst parent on the planet. You worry your kid and your relationship with them are ruined. You doom scroll to avoid the bedtime routine or you volunteer to do an errand so that you can get some time away from the house, not to mention your kid. 


Your kid’s teacher tells you they’re a delight to have in class but that's not what you're seeing at home. Couples counseling helped the relationship but didn’t give you tools to elevate your parenting approach. You love Dr. Becky’s podcast but she’s not taking any referrals.


I have been working with parents like you for nearly 20 years. As a fellow parent, my compassion is real. As a seasoned clinician, my knowledge of the interplay of family stressors, child development, childhood mood disorders, gender and sexual diversity, as well as neurodivergence has helped hundreds of families communicate better and reestablish equilibrium. 

One-Time Parent Consultation

Lower your stress and concern by getting your specific parenting questions addressed. You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire about your family. Using this information, I’ll give you strategies to address a specific area of concern or need. Additionally, I'll suggest resources for you and/or your child to utilize for ongoing support and emotional health. All of my work assumes a gender-affirming, culturally sensitive, and bias-aware approach.

Parent Coaching

Personalized, long-term support to address behavioral and/or emotional challenges in your family. Typical components of coaching include: developmental context for the behaviors your child is displaying, communication tips, regulation skills, and specific strategies for you to manage difficult situations and behaviors. I require a minimum of 4 sessions and will work with you to determine the best plan to meet your needs. All of my work assumes a gender-affirming, culturally sensitive, and bias-aware approach.

A note about fees

I am not paneled with any insurance plans but I can provide a superbill for any client wanting to use their out-of-network benefits. 

One-time Parent Consultation

75 minutes


Parent Coaching

60 minutes


Therapy session (Adult and Kid)

50 minutes


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