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A sampling of my appearances in social media and print, as well as free access to some of my most popular parenting strategies.

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Listen to a podcast

I loved this conversation with Hannah Choi, host of Focus Forward - An Executive Function Podcast.

In it, we talked about managing major life transitions from an emotionally-supported framework. We demystified meditation with an exercise that anybody can do to be more mindful. And, we outlined ways parents and adults alike can support themselves and their loved ones through times of change. In addition to listening online, you can also find the episode, How to Maintain Progress  Through Times of Change, on Apple Podcasts, Google and Spotify. I hope you check it out and share it with a friend or colleague!

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Watch a video

In each of these videos I provide a strategy for managing challenging emotions. The countdown is a grounding strategy that anybody can use when feeling overwhelmed emotionally. The 3 buckets are a decision-making device parents can use to determine how best to respond to their child's behavior.

I hope you'll check them out and comment on what kind of additional digital content you'd find helpful.

Read an article

I am a featured contributor to the Spring 2022 issue of Smith School for Social Work's In Depth magazine article on the pandemic's impact on child and adolescent mental health:

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