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Therapy for Kids

Your kid deserves to feel better.

Considering their grades, extra-curriculars, and social plans, your queer tween is thriving but you hear them up at all hours and see their mood sink as soon as they walk in the house.

According to his first-grade teacher, a classmate teases your son about his nail polish and earrings. He refuses to talk to you about it.

Your freshman daughter hasn’t transitioned well to high school. She lost friends, she’s buckling under the workload and she asked to talk to a therapist.


They're not talking to you but their nonverbal language says they need help. Because you only have pieces of the story, you don’t really know the problem. You worry they won't tell anybody but their friends. You don't know how to get them to ask for the help they need and you don't know how to help them yourself. The guidance counselor at school has a caseload of over 100 students. The only therapist you know is your own and she doesn’t see kids. 


I know these kids and I know how to help them. Your child's emotional resiliency can grow in the right treatment relationship.

Play Therapy

Using a combination of games, play, and talk therapy, your 5-9yo child will increase their understanding of their emotional world in order to better manage challenges and feel more confident. Individual work with your child will be complimented by regular check-ins with you, their parent. All of my work assumes a gender-affirming, culturally sensitive, and bias-aware approach.

*I am currently taking a waitlist for new child cases.

Tween/Teen Therapy

Talking to a trusted adult who doesn’t care about grades, scores, or chores, your 10-17yo will build perspective, learn regulation skills, and increase confidence and esteem. As they grow into the person they want to be, their identity development will be supported with gender-affirming, culturally sensitive and bias-aware approaches. Individual work with your kid will be complimented by regular check-ins with you, their parent.

*I am currently taking a waitlist for new child cases.

A note about fees

I am not paneled with any insurance plans but I can provide a superbill for any client wanting to use their out-of-network benefits. 

One-time Parent Consultation

75 minutes


Parent Coaching

60 minutes


Therapy session (Adult and Kid)

50 minutes


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