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Therapy for Adults

Adulting is no joke.


Maybe you graduated from college a year ago and landed what you thought was the perfect job. Now you hate it. You can’t sleep. You’re a nervous wreck ALL the time and your parents want to know when you’re going to “meet someone.”


Or, you have the job, the house, the kids, the dog and the life you worked so damn hard for but instead of feeling bliss, you feel drained. Bitching with friends feels good in the moment but isn’t getting you out of your slump.


Or, your kid just told you they're trans. In a moment, it feels like your world turned upside down. You want to be supportive but your're tripping over their name and pronouns.


You tried meditation apps, hot baths, yoga, and running clubs. You told your doctor and started taking Prozac. You don’t always feel worse but you definitely don’t feel better.


Adulting is no joke and we all need a helping hand but finding the right help can be hard. Gain valuable insight, perspective and calm with an experienced, affirming provider. Begin your journey towards more self-compassion and a life you love.

Individual Therapy

Explore relationship and behavioral patterns. Gain valuable insight into your deeply held beliefs and how they drive you. Calm your nervous system through mindfulness-based strategies that will empower you to be more self-compassionate and grounded.

Therapy for Parents of Gender Expansive Kids

Your transition isn’t the same as your kids. Develop strategies to feel and express your full range of emotions about this change in your family. Explore your beliefs about gender in a compassionate space while adding to your parenting toolbox. Talk to an experienced clinician who is also an experienced parent.

A note about fees

I am not paneled with any insurance plans but I can provide a superbill for any client wanting to use their out-of-network benefits. 

One-time Parent Consultation

75 minutes


Parent Coaching

60 minutes


Therapy session (Adult and Kid)

50 minutes


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